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Cross-industry services for blockchain

What platforms for blockchains can we build? Well, that's a call from you! Our team is ready to step in and take complete control of the project through its successful completion at any point of product development, MVP, pilot, full-scale implementation, or product elaboration. Our custom blockchain development services are strong, but they are not all-powerful. The following blockchain networks and protocols are part of the existing software stack: Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum (including Solidity) and Hyperledger.
  • Blockchain for Business

    Blockchain for Business

    Build a distributed ledger customized to the specifications of your company. 100 percent tamper-proof and cryptographically-protected against any cybersecurity breaches, private or hybrid. Set up a new stable partnership, data exchange, and storage tech backbone

  • Wallets for Blockchain

    Wallets for Blockchain

    Offer a standalone cryptocurrency cold wallet or combine your current product with a stable multi-coin blockchain wallet. The attractive front-end is guaranteed by the Zuccotech UX/UI team, while our blockchain development team makes it absolutely safe to use.

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart Contracts

    Say farewell to the organizational processes that are low-value, repetitive. Get our team on board to build intelligent EVM self-executing contracts that can not be broken, manipulated or ignored. Perform secure, easy and reliable transactions without intermediaries

  • Decentralized apps (dApps)

    Decentralized apps (dApps)

    Step into a modern era of decentralized software running on open standards. Deploy new products on public blockchain networks that are user-centered. Reducing operating costs, enhancing the protection of customer data and removing any centralized failure points

  • Marketplaces built on Blockchain

    Marketplaces built on Blockchain

    Naturally, the technical existence of the blockchain as a decentralized ledger enables the development of markets for P2P, B2B and B2C. Explore the new "shared economy" reality where every transaction is cryptographically secured, open, free of fraud and low-cost.

  • Platforms for enterprise blockchain

    Platforms for enterprise blockchain

    Cases of market-ready company blockchain usage are multiplying supply chain monitoring, provenance tracking, digital identity management, healthcare data storage, automatic insurance quotes or voting. Will you stand at the forefront of advances in technology?

Let's talk feasible blockchain implementation

Custom made Enterprise Blockchain

Boost security

Blockchain is the perfect solution for the data protection, with legislation tightening and consumer worries about personal data use mounting. Remain compliant by breaking the practice of "customer information hoarding." Instead, use the peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain to request, exchange and store sensitive information in a safe and traceable way on a distributed shared ledger.

To build a record-keeping system that is completely resistant to internal and external hacks, fraud and cyber attacks, exploit blockchain creation technologies. Reducing the expense of storing, handling and sharing confidential data safely. With blockchain as a backbone, instead of storing on a centralized server, each transaction is encrypted and distributed to nodes through a network of approved users.

Operational bottlenecks removal

As a service solution, Blockchain can replace paper-heavy, error-prone and time-consuming processes, tax your teams and prevent your organization from scaling up. Use smart contracts to incorporate automated workflows into the products: settle transactions more efficiently, reduce efforts and costs of reconciliation, mitigate errors and eradicate fraud in the long run.

Set repeatable auto-pilot workflows and ensure that before you take any further action, all the appropriate requirements are met. Placing smart contracts at the heart of your operations saves your company time and resources, opening up new business models and styles of goods. Track and trace any information you need effectively. On-demand, reach any data stored on the blockchain. Create confidence around your brand and accountability.

Cut operational costs

Cut intermediaries by using public blockchains to execute safe deals on a scale or by letting the company and its partners create a private network for an enterprise blockchain services provider. Plug in new participants, such as shared data records, transfers, status changes and every other sort of transaction information, as you need to run business safely with each other.

With blockchain technology solutions, without worrying about heavy transaction fees levied by banks or payment processors, you can safely reach any kind of cross-border contract. The authenticity and truthfulness of the information submitted to you need not be challenged either. Plug more partners into your digital network without any financial constraints or security issues from third parties.

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