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Three long-standing software development priorities define the path forward for all businesses: faster software deployments, uniform code stability, and top-level predictability for new functionality. Our mission as a DevOps company is to help you accomplish all of these, no matter where you are on your DevOps journey at present. If you're at maturity level 1 or level 3, we will help you move at least two steps ahead sustainably. We will assist you in building a DevOps plan to formalize your way to your ideal DevOps state and get hands-on with your current lifecycle of application growth. Move away from uncertainty in manufacturing and shift towards organized growth
  • Sustained reviews

    Sustained reviews

    Shaping a stronger product creation vector by automating the selection of insights for new user stories and integrating those insights into future launches of products

  • Sustained integration

    Sustained integration

    Improve the speed and quality of new feature creation by automating code combinations, exchanging codebases, and implementing automation testing throughout the lifecycle of software development

  • Sustained deployment

    Sustained deployment

    With the optimum collection of DevOps technologies, accelerate the deployment process. Delete error-prone and resource-heavy manual procedures that bog down your activities

  • Infrastructure as code

    Infrastructure as code

    Reduce infrastructure setup hassle and stop infrastructure drift as code (IaC) solutions for the environment. Test new apps easily in manufacturing-like environments

  • Control through configuration

    Control through configuration

    To assemble and operate several structures, using automated software and platforms. Automate updates, recognise poorly performing settings, and more effectively prioritize key actions

  • Systemization releases

    Systemization releases

    Optimize the entire release process with multi-level automation tools, planned jobs, and orchestration tools to help the team run seamless rollouts without interruption.

  • Sustained monitoring

    Sustained monitoring

    To quantify all that counts, combine rapid releases with foolproof observability. Collect new ideas to harness more organizational changes for retrospective review

  • DevSecOps


    Keep security a defining feature of each new build for deployment that you line up. Increase your compliance and customer satisfaction with design-safe applications

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Systematic framework of security

Equally applicable to safety are the main DevOps concepts, downstream automatic flows, continuous feedback, and continuous experimentation. Thus, creating a better culture of DevOps also translates into a stronger posture for security. Zuccotech is among the few DevOps companies that placed a heavy focus on weaving best practices in security into an upgraded lifecycle of application delivery.

With Zuccotech you can achieve good synergy between growth, operations, and security teams with our guidance, all working cross-border to get critical work done. Our experts will advise you on the best security tools and practices to incorporate into your production pipelines so that your engineers can do their job confidently without worrying about secret security issues. We will help you create a new community, where security is a mutual responsibility, by investigating and fine-tuning your processes. And for the end user, what's good for protection is good.

Knowledge transfer enhancement

DevOps is a culture; culture itself can not be forged by directives. One of our key goals during our relationship with a client is to promote internal transitions between teams so that they are personally sold on the benefits of DevOps. We will help all of your team members develop new skills, spread through rigid positions, through information sharing, training, and peer work.

Together, we will seek to reduce the unforeseen work volume and wasteful restructure of code so that your core team can move away from the vicious fix-maintenance loop. Apart of this procedural change, we will show how new instruments, procedures, and strategies will contribute positively to the day-to-day work of your team and why mutual accountability is the way to go for greater job satisfaction. We'll get your people excited about implementing new DevOps practices by simplifying teamwork, acceptance, and general workflow phases.

Asynchronous value guarantee

A key aspect of DevOps is automated testing. That doesn't mean, however, that your QA team would be left out. On the contrary, the functions and responsibilities of QA specialists will only increase in importance with the advent of Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing. Let's re-imagine the role of quality assurance in your business together.

Your QA engineers will have more time to concentrate on helping the development team by supplying them with the best-suited tools and testing methods for different kinds of applications, integrations, and target implementation environments with manual testing out of the way. QA team will turn into an advisory unit with more time available for exploratory research, setting the right course for more product quality and protection improvements. Instead of keeping it away, our goal is to position your QA process to accelerate deployments.

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