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We offer more than just financial software development services - from idea to implementation and beyond. Zuccotech team can actively participate in the development of FinTech software, create new products, provide recommendations, suggestions for technologies and tools, and implement innovative technological solutions that will form the basis of your software solutions for financial services.
  • Unique IT solutions to meet changing market

    Unique IT solutions to meet changing market

    Forecasting financial analytics, AI-powered back-office or advanced credit card fraud detection - what do you need to get competitive advantage? Implement innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data with our team

  • Innovative financial platforms

    Innovative financial platforms

    Development and management teams follow high standards merits based on their work experience with top business corporations

  • Experienced software developers teams

    Experienced software developers teams

    On average, Zuccotech's devoted team has been working with each client for over 5 years. Most of our customers start small, end huge. We commit to each project equally responsible

  • Compliance and safety consulting

    Compliance and safety consulting

    Zuccotech can help you meet security and regulatory requirements and reduce the burden of complying financial standards and regulations

  • Complex development of financial software

    Complex development of financial software

    Our financial transaction software company has extensive experience in providing products for innovative fintech startups, blockchain based solutions, online financial platforms and major digital payment services

  • Gain more and spend less

    Gain more and spend less

    Lean team with mature project management practices that can release extensive code in short time without compromising on quality. Offer new features to your customers while being ahead of the competition

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