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IoT segments we work with

Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT

Move up to Industry 4.0 with data-driven equipment maintenance strategies to boost the efficiency of your mission-critical properties.

Drive intelligence and innovation to your business

Our custom IoT services for creating applications

IoT ventures range from embedded and connectivity technologies to robust systems backed by AI-based analytics in the Zuccotech portfolio. By incorporating IoT applications, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem built around end-users, we provide custom IoT development services that enable organizations to control their operational performance, set up processes, and provide visibility over departments.
  • Consulting for IoT

    Consulting for IoT

    Work with our experts to shape the digital strategy and capitalize on IoT effectively by converting data insights into new business models and revenue streams.

  • Full-cycle production of the IoT

    Full-cycle production of the IoT

    With our end-to-end software development services, streamline your journey from initial concept to ready solution, covering all phases of your digital transformation.

  • Enhancement IoT apps

    Enhancement IoT apps

    Use our technical skills to adapt the existing IoT platform or develop personalized software solutions to achieve new business goals.

  • Acceleration of IoTs

    Acceleration of IoTs

    Accelerate the development of your IoT solution by using our IoT accelerator as a starting point for controlling system connectivity based on predefined scenarios.

  • Analytics on IoT

    Analytics on IoT

    Using our comprehensive AI capabilities to produce actionable insights and credible forecasts, unlock the full potential of real-time data

  • Creation of User App

    Creation of User App

    With native mobile and web applications powered by an intelligent UX, explore the data your devices provide and control them on the go.

  • Integrations for IoT

    Integrations for IoT

    Maximize the benefit of your IoT initiative by ensuring compatibility of your software platform with current infrastructure and legacy equipment

IoT data flow stages we cover

Data visuali- zation Data storage Data processing & analysis Data ingestion  Data collection

Why Zuccotech?

  • Core of Excellence in IoT

    By putting together top Zuccotech IoT specialists in a dedicated Center of Excellence, we help our clients clear project roadblocks quickly (CoE). Our IoT CoE involves qualified professionals who are able to go beyond their everyday operations to solve your business-critical problems.

  • Extensive AI and ML skillset

    To develop computer algorithms for forecasting events and minimizing threats, we use mathematical backgrounds and a theoretical approach. Our R&D capabilities differ from analysis to the development and incorporation of detailed AI and ML models into your business solution.

  • Top-tier Competency in the cloud

    You will get the highest-performing cloud environments with our proficiency in cloud computing platforms and services. We'll help you move or refactor your legacy apps to the cloud to meet the scalability challenges and handle traffic spikes effectively.

  • Profound Experience in Big Data

    Big data engineers from Zuccotech hold degrees in applied math and computer science and are able to tackle any complexity of analytical tasks. To make your data work for you, we create reliable software solutions that discover hidden trends and predict events.

  • Sophisticated UI/UX programmers

    In order to create clear user experiences for web apps, mobile solutions, human-machine interfaces and other user-focused products, our design team is deeply integrated into engineering procedures and is closely associated with our frontend developers.

  • Cross-industry understanding of domains

    We have a track record of delivering ventures across several markets to the world's leading tech innovators and Fortune 500 businesses. Our specialists understand your industry's needs and will create custom IoT solutions to move your company forward.

For your business, custom IoT solutions

Eliminate the operations from guesswork

Offer a 'voice' to your hardware to uncover deeper insights than can be exposed by any survey or conventional analytics solution. You will gain new real-time business insights by integrating intelligent devices, data and analytics into one comprehensive IoT platform.

Welcome to the modern age of software creation for the Internet of Things: learn more about the consumers of your product or capture performance stats of equipment under various conditions. Estimate when you are likely to fail or need maintenance of your equipment. Understand how drivers communicate inside your car with new connected devices. Learn more about the transport conditions of your items and find them within the supply chain quickly.

Unlock unique business models with custom IoT growth

There are over 200 viable cases of IoT use today, covering various sectors, including automotive, agriculture, retail, e-health and 4.0.0. The big question is, how is your organization going to tap into this newly formed value chain? There are some responses our IoT production company has.

To allow better asset-sharing and sell additional capabilities back to the market, integrate IoT devices into your activities. By charging your consumers for active periods of product use only, add a pay-per-use or smart subscription offering and capture a broader market. You can also monetize your IoT info, or launch a brand new IoT gadget-powered service line. When it comes to the development of Internet of Things applications, rely on the Zuccotech team.

Establish top standards of protection for IoT growth

For cybercriminals, connected devices are a prime target. Don't let those risks become an adoption obstacle. Get strategic with your cybersecurity IoT software and learn how to secure your linked properties and transmitted data by leveraging the latest tech developments.

When it comes to IoT product growth, security stands as our central focus. Engage with our team to eliminate future risks and save time and resources for company. Our experts will advise on the optimal approaches to data encryption and implement the latest authentication technologies to deter malicious attacks. You can create and deploy large-scale IoT networks that are bound to resist any threats with our expert support.

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