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At Zuccotech, the experience in the creation of software platforms goes back to our earliest years. In different development environments that can be used to create platforms, our engineers are experienced. Anything from development and database management tools to remote servers and stable networks can be set up by our team. What you get is a set of solutions for software and infrastructure designed to meet your specific needs and used as a foundation for further growth. Plus, cloud features that support scalability, easy access, multi-tenancy, and powerful security can help your platform, reducing the amount of routine work for developers.
  • Cloud-based solutions

    Cloud-based solutions

    High-performance backends easy to build on

  • API


    Creating interfaces for developers to access platforms

  • SDK


    Making it easier to build with platform tools for developers

  • Big data warehouses

    Big data warehouses

    Compilation, analysis and intelligent processing of large quantities of data

  • Increasing and decreasing productivityIntegration

    Increasing and decreasing productivityIntegration

    Ensuring smooth network, on-site applications, and third-party solutions integration

  • Security


    Protecting data and ecosystems for growth

  • Flexibility


    Scaling up and down efficiency capabilities

  • Monitoring and support

    Monitoring and support

    Providing a development environment 24/7

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